Jasper – I am... close to getting her back, don't screw this up for me. Please
Liam – You'll be fine. Just try not to sleep with my mum
— And we're off

Together With Remembrance For Ourselves is the premiere of Season 3 on E! soap The Royals.

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I wanted him to die. I wanted them to kill him and they did. I did
— Liam to Kathryn

Trivia Edit

  • It's been two weeks since the twins revealed King Simon's killer
  • It's revealed that the mob did kill Ted Pryce
  • Ophelia's gone under ground and Liam can't get in touch with her
  • Liam goes to an illegal 'fight club' as he feels he killed Ted Pryce
  • Robert is shipwrecked, but doesn't seem to want to be found
  • Helena gets a new Lord Chamberlain – Spencer Hoenigsberg
  • Cyrus kills Jeffrey Stuart

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