The Royals
Season 2, Episode 10
210 Helena and Eleanor
Episode Information
Air date January 17, 2016
Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Mark Schwahn
Episode Guide
And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing
Together With Remembrance For Ourselves
The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father's Life is the finale of Season 2 on E! drama soap The Royals.


With Ted revealed as Simon's killer, the Royal Family bands together to foil Jeffrey Stewart's plan to destroy them.


William Moseley as Prince Liam
Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
Jake Maskall as King Cyrus

Recurring cast

Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
Lydia Rose Bewley as Princess Penelope
Andrew Bicknell as Lucius
Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel
Poppy Corby-Tuech as Prudence
Rocky Marshall as James Hill
Simon Thomas as Nigel Moorefield
Matthew Wolf as Jeffrey Stuart

Guest starring

Thomas Christian as Brandon Boone
Stephanie Vogt as Daphne Pryce


  • This is Robert Henstridge first appearance through out the whole series, however he is portrayed by a child in a flashback and a cameo of the back of his head as an adult.

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