Tell Ophelia not to miss me!
— Ted to Prince Liam [src]
Ted Pryce is a recurring character on E! series The Royals. He is portrayed by Oliver Milburn.

Character Edit

Ted is the Royal Head of Security for the The Royal Family. He was married to the American Daphne Pryce before her death. From their marriage he has a daughter, Ophelia Pryce. Fearing for their safety, Ted sent his daughter and wife away to live in America as his position with the royal family endangered them. However, his job still led to the death of his wife and caused his daughter to move back to England.

After hearing that his daughter had begun to have a relationship with Prince Liam, the next King of England, Ted disapproved, fearing Ophelia would meet the same fate as his wife. However after realizing how much Ophelia liked Liam, he allowed the relationship and gave his approval for them to be together. In Season 2, it is revealed that Pryce killed King Simon and called in the job for Brandon Boone to have Prince Robert killed.


As seen from season 1, he was a supposedly nice guy. He was a good father, good husband and very loyal to the Henstridge family. He and his american daughter Opehlia are very close. From season 2, we see his true colors, as a cold-hearted, evil, ruthless and a killer. He has a dark and long history with the family. As noted by the previous Editor of this entry, He makes Cyrus look like a wimp, relatively. He respected the Henstridge, But after the death of his wife, which he believes was caused by queen Helena, he stayed as the security chief so he can destroy them in the inside. Jasper Frost discovered that Pryce ordered Brandon Boone to kill Simon's son Robert. Robert was the heir to the throne of England. No one ever believed he killed Simon, until the end of the Season 2 finale. Helena didn't kill his wife, but she did let his wife die in pain.

In the first episode of season 3 it was confirmed that he was killed by the mob from the kings cup match. The video footage that "proves" that he killed King Simon shows him using his left heft to stab the king, although he is right-handed. He also never admitted to (nor denied) having killed the king. Along with some pieces of information that imply him being threatened by some as yet unknown people, it seems possible that he ist not the killer but has been setup.