Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run is the finale and 10th episode of Season 1 of E! series The Royals.


Each character faces truth in the season finale. You find out what really happened to Prince Robert and by the end of the episode someone else will join him. Ophelia and Liam make a decision regarding their relationship and their future together. The Queen and Prince Cyrus grow distrustful towards each other which grows more evident in this episode. A lot of heartbreaking moments. Throughout the episode a lot of questions are answered as many more door are opened.


Helena prepares to a write a letter to people explaining why Eleanor and Liam are not the King's real children. Eleanor calls Liam to tell him to call her, she hasn’t heard from him and she’s worried. Liam wakes up in a bunker from before and Ophelia turns the corner, saying she found him and brought him home. Liam suggests they go somewhere else in the world. He says they’ll make their own world instead of dealing with his, she accepts. In the castle, Cyrus meets with the man who announced the twins weren’t Simon’s blood, and it’s revealed they didn’t so much as test the blood. Cyrus plans to fly him out of the country, and after some blackmail, succeeds. In another hall, Liam visits Simon, who has been brought home. Lucius attempts to kick him out, and Liam fights him on it and succeeds. At the prison Eleanor has bailed Jasper out. She admits she can’t trust anyone but he’s the one who she distrusts least at the moment and she needs his help to find Liam.

Helena continues to look over her letter. Cyrus arrives to try and mend bridges. Alistair’s name comes up and he mocks her and asks what they’re doing about him she says she’s handling it. Cyrus leaves and Helena goes through a drawer in Simon’s desk and finds an odd card. Cyrus goes into another room where Liam is waiting for him. The latter has a proposition: Cyrus can run the monarchy, but he wants the plane or access to it, and he’ll leave and not return. Cyrus apparently agrees, and Liam leaves. In town, Jasper pings off the things he’s missed, and is apprehensive about the meeting with Robert’s apparent killer. Back at the castle Ted sees Ophelia packing and assumes she’s headed for New York. They say they love each other, and Ophelia visibly feels bad about lying to him now, but still goes.

Upstairs, Helena looks over the card then asks Lucius to deliver it. Eleanor arrives in her room, and Jasper tells her to go find several things. Eleanor’s not too thrilled when she finds out the items are all loaded guns. He tells her to get out and not talk to anyone, and she starts to leave until Liam barges into her room. He says he’s leaving with Ophelia and says he wants Eleanor to go with them. Eleanor says she’s not going to go, but she wishes them the best. She promises she’ll follow them soon, but she has things to make right first. Pryce bullies Cyrus into checking in on Simon. Their mother is there. She tells him that she’s proud of him, and that he could be a decent king, and there’s something they need to know and then she calls him Simon. Cyrus tries to object, until she goes on about how 'Cyrus' isn’t a good person and can’t be trusted and Cyrus is crushed. He speaks as Simon saying 'Cyrus' loved her and his father then leaves. Ophelia and Liam go to leave and Marcus intercepts them to say goodbye. They drive off and Gemma arrives to give him a hard time about "giving up the girl of his dreams to his best friend." She asks what he’ll do when Liam gets tired of Ophelia and drops her, then leaves.

On the plane, Ophelia and Liam sort through some of what they’re going to do when they get to Rio. She thinks business, while he’s more about their social life. She notices his necklace has changed. He checks the pendant and it has the same symbol as the card in Simon’s desk. It also turns out that she found him in a park and not the alley he passed out in. He gets a call and takes it. Helena does an interview where she goes on about humble beginnings. Back on the plane, Liam comes back from the call and sits down. He finds a mystery phone and recognizes someone on the photo that the phone has for wallpaper. Meanwhile, Helena continues with her story and makes it seem like Alisstair is the twins’ father. The interviewer asks about the 'soldier’s' name, and Alistair, watching from his home is petrified, until Helena says that the man was 'Henry', who died in battle. On the plane, Liam goes to Ophelia to apologize for being selfish. She asks what he did, and she pulls up one of the plane window curtains- it’s not Rio. He’s flown them to New York so she could follow her dreams. She reluctantly agrees and then says as long as they’re together, it’ll be okay. He admits he’s not coming. Ophelia asks what that phone call was about, and Liam’s less than straightforward. He says he has to go back and fight his father’s battle. He calls Ophelia his "someday"- she’ll always be his someday, but right now he can’t. Ophelia says the last time she heard someday in an emotional moment like that, it was from her mom, about being in her life in the States before she died, and someday never came. Liam insists it won’t be like that. Meanwhile, Lucius arrives to deliver Helena’s letter- to Alistair. Alistair asks if the kids are actually his. Lucius presents the letter and says the answers are all in there, she’s sorry for tarnishing Henry’s legacy, she promises she loves him, and asks him not to contact her for a while. Alistair’s not happy, and in turn, Lucius tosses the letter in the fire. Lucius leaves as two men arrive with guns, and two gunshots go off as he gets back in the car.

At a subway, Jasper admits to Eleanor that he slept with Helena to protect his relationship with her. Eleanor’s not happy, but she reluctantly accepts it. They meet with the Brandon Boone. Brandon implies he’s a hit man who was ordered by his major to kill Robert by a group called Oz and he took out Robert with a mini drone. Jasper asks about Simon, and Brandon doesn’t know, but the man who he worked with with the hit on Robert has now disappeared. He goes on that people in the castle used his and his people’s services, so to be careful. Eleanor asks why he came clean, and Brandon says the people who ordered the hit left a note to make it look like a suicide: "what kind of psychopath does that?" and leaves. At the castle, Lucius says the message was received. Helena is pleased, then heads out, and Cyrus asks if his part of the message was delivered “and received,” Lucius confirms.

In New York, Ophelia begins her official audition. Back at the castle, Eleanor is stunned to find Liam, and when they both ask where the other was, they say long story. In New York, it turns out one of the people auditioning is texting Gemma, who’s telling him to hire her and keep her there. Back at the castle, Eleanor goes on about what she found about Brandon Boone. Liam and her try to brainstorm what could’ve happened. Liam goes to Cyrus room and after the man taunts him, Liam attacks him- “you killed my brother, you tried to kill my father, and it’s time to confess.” Lucius, in Simon’s room, is called in for a meeting with Helena. With Liam, Cyrus says that he killed Simon in his head thousands of times, but could never do it in reality- he is, after all, his brother. Back in Simon’s room, Simon flatlines. In Cyrus’ room, Marcus arrives to haul Liam off Cyrus- Britain’s King. Liam rushes to Simon’s beside, sees the man has died, and breaks down, promising to avenge him, on top of saying he’ll miss him. Helena gets called that Simon has died. Cyrus arrives to take one of Simon’s rings. Liam leaves the room just in time for Eleanor to arrive, and she collapses against him in a fit of sobs. Helena arrives to address the people. One holds up a sign with the symbol on it, with the text "Domino" below. In the city, Prudence, the servant Cyrus blackmailed, watches the news about it, and it’s revealed she’s pregnant, and she mentions to the baby "Your daddy just became king." Meanwhile, Cyrus settles onto the throne.


William Moseley as Prince Liam
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
with Vincent Regan as King Simon
and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena

Recurring cast

Sophie Colquhoun as Gemma Kensington
Ukweli Roach as Marcus Jeffries
Poppy Corby-Tuech as Prudence
Andrew Bicknell as Lucius
Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel

Guest starring

Noah Huntley as Alistair Lacey


Irene Sutcliffe as The Queen Mother

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