Ophelia Pryce is daughter of the King's Royal Head of Security, Ted Pryce, and the late Daphne Pryce.

Character Edit

Ophelia once lived in America with her mother up until her untimely death and that is when she then moved back to England to live with her father and attend university. After a sexual encounter one night with the next King of England, Liam Henstridge, the two began a relationship which The Queen disapproved of declaring her not fit for her son or to be the next Queen after her. Ophelia has also becomes really good friends with Eleanor Henstridge and they often help each other out.

Personality Edit

Ophelia is an extremely kind and sweet hearted girl who is really charming. She likes Liam the way he is. However The Queen can not stand Ophelia because she doesn't want her son to date the staff. Ophelia is described to be the "girl next door" who has not been groomed for everything that comes with dating Liam. Ophelia never intended to have a relationship with Liam but was after the idea of being with a Prince but they ended up falling for each other.


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