Liam – Willow. It's been a long day. Would you like to just hang for a bit?
Willow – I think it's better if we keep things professional from now on. I'm sorry
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Liam & Willow is a relationship on E! series The Royals, portrayed by William Moseley and Genevieve Gaunt.

About Edit

Liam meets Willow at a time where he is frustrated with the monarchy and grieving his father's death, finding Willow a bright spot in all of the mess. She, in turn, flirts with Liam, but supports and believes in him, and his possible future as King of England. They keep their flirtation going and schedule to meet up in Liam's room on the night of the twins' birthday party, but Liam never shows. Willow assures him they are just a casual fling and that she takes no offense, telling him she's not the kind of girl to wait around for someone. They decide to be friends, but Willow slowly develops feelings for Liam, although she tries to stick with her original perception of Liam as someone who can't be serious about a relationship with her.

Willow never tells Liam how she really feels, although he somewhat senses it as he elects not to divulge his relationship with Kathryn to her. When Willow finds out, she's visibly upset and he apologises, although she only congratulates him, saying she's happy he is. Willow tries to bid on Liam for the charity auction and is disappointed not to win. When visiting Kathryn's apartment, she meets Angie wearing Liam's shirt and figures out Kathryn was the girl Liam was seeing. Willow is heartbroken, and leaves immediately. When she later encounters Liam, who is angry over Robert and Kathryn's continued romance, Willow lets him know how hurt she is. On the eve of the privy council's decision, Willow stops by Liam's for work reasons and he tries to rekindle their friendship, which Willow rejects, saying it's best and she's sorry.

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