Coffee I endure – it's the company I like
—Liam to Ophelia[src]
Liam & Ophelia, also known as Opheliam, is a romance on E! series The Royals, portrayed by William Moseley and Merritt Patterson.


Each other's true love. Ophelia is the daughter of the head of security, Ted Pryce, and she called Liam an idiot at a bar, which led them to hooking up and dating.

Season 1Edit

In Stand and Unfold Yourself you first see Prince Liam playing darts in a bar, and Ophelia sees him playing and the calls him an idiot. This cause Liam to show off his skills in darts and every dart he threw went to bullseye. After that they are seen having sex. This causes Queen Helena to be mad and she starts threatening Ophelia. This also causes Ophelia's dad to be mad too because he thinks the royal family is the reason for her mother's death. Later you see Liam sitting on a bench and Ophelia comes to him and they talk about Prince Robert and Liam says that he didn't recognize Ophelia when they hooked up. At the funeral Liam complains to Ophelia that his feelings are scripted and he asks her out to dinner.

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Liam asks Ophelia out for coffee

Later in the episode Ophelia and Liam are seen having dinner with the rest of the Royal Family. After that, Liam goes to Ophelia's house and asks he out again for coffee. Liam is talking to King Simon about Ophelia and the king says to pick love over the throne. At the end Ophelia and Liam are seen getting ready of their coffee date, and as they're passing the paparazzi they hold hands.

In Infants of the Spring Liam and Ophelia are seen on a coffee date, and Ophelia teases Liam by saying that he likes coffee better than tea because they are always having coffee dates. Liam responds that he endures coffee but it's the company he likes. When they get back from there date they see Liam's Ex Gemma. Ophelia seems to be alittle jealous. Later on in the episode Liam invites Ophelia to the garden party. When they go to the garden party Gemma and Ophelia have a drinking contest which leads to Ophelia being so drunk, she passes out in front of Liam. Liam decides to take care of Ophelia by taking her home. While they are at Ophelia's home she asks Liam why did he date her, and Liam responds that Gemma was his first love. At that moment Ophelia throws up, and she runs to her room. At the end of the episode Liam asks her out on a real date, but she declines because shes not like Gemma. Later on she says that Liam would make a great King. That inspired Liam to go talk to his dad and tell him not to abolish the monarchy and that he's going to try to have both love and the throne.

Episode 2

Liam hugging Gemma in front of Ophelia

In We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts, Ophelia and Liam don't have much interaction in the episode.At the start of the episode it appears Liam is having sex with Ophelia but really it is just a model and he is imagined it is Ophelia; when the girl asks him if he is completley preoccupied by another woman Liam says it's complicated,this shows he clearly has feelings for Ophelia. When Liam was out with Princess Eleanor and Gemma, he texted Ophelia, but it never showed if she texted back because Liam got into a car accident. When Ophelia was backstage of Eleanor's fashion show she kept looking at Liam. Gemma went to Ophelia and said that the lady that was talking to Liam was sleeping with him. Ophelia asked Gemma if that ever bothered her, but Gemma said that he is going to be the King, she basically said that that's the sacrifice you have to make if you date him. When Ophelia went to walk away, Liam goes after her, and they go to a balcony. Liam tells her that he's been lying to everyone including his father, but he could never lie to Ophelia. So he told her the truth about the car accident, and that he was with Gemma that night.

In Sweet, Not Lasting Liam and Ophelia didn't have many scenes together. In the episode they both get upset because they both posted a somewhat romantic picture. In the end Liam believes that Ophelia and Nick are dating because Liam saw a post on instagram where they are about to kiss. But in reality Ophelia cared too much about Liam so she ended up not kissing Nick. In the end of the episode you see Liam going to Ophelia's house. She gets excited because he invited her to the ball, but she dropped that smile when she realized that he was also inviting Nick.

In Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon it's the ball. Ophelia accepts Liam's invitation and also invites Nick. While Ophelia was trying to find a dress for the ball she was talking to Princess Eleanor about Liam. Eleanor thinks that Ophelia is inviting Nick because she wants to get Liam jealous, but she quickly protests. In the ball you see Ophelia wearing  a white dress and Liam stares at her because he thinks she looks beautiful. Ashok comes behind Liam and says that Ophelia looks hot. At that moment Nick walks up to Ophelia and that causes Liam to leave. Later in the episode you see Nick and Liam dancing. Ophelia turns her head to Liam's direction, but she gets sad because she sees him having a good time with Gemma and Ashok. When she turned her head away from Liam, you see him look at Ophelia, and he's hurt because she's dancing with Nick. After their dance, Liam calls Ophelia and Nick to have a drink with him. While Ophelia walked away, Nick and Liam actually bonded. Ophelia wasn't happy about that! She wanted Liam not to like Nick and got annoyed while they were dancing. In the end of the episode while Nick and Ophelia were dancing, they were talking and she accedently said that she liked Liam. That causes Nick to stop dancing with Ophelia, and he walks away, leaving Ophelia alone. While Ophelia was alone on the dance floor, Liam comes by and tells her that she looks ravishing, and he said that they were going to Monaco for the weekend and he would very much like it if Ophelia went with him. He also said that Nick was a good guy but he's not going to invite him because he came with the wrong girl. In the next scene you see Ophelia packing for Monaco. In the morning Liam is waiting in the car for Ophelia, afraid that she changed her mind, so Liam decides to go, but before he can go, Ophelia yells "Wait!" while running to the car. He has the biggest smile on his face as he holds Ophelia's hand in the car.

Quotes Edit

You are my someday
—Liam to Ophelia


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