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They don't get rid of us. We get rid of them!
— Eleanor to Liam [src]

Princess Eleanor Maud Henstridge is a Princess of the United Kingdom.

Character Edit

Eleanor is the third child and only daughter of Simon Henstridge and Helena Henstridge, Eleanor is also the younger sister of the late Robert Henstridge and the twin sister of Liam Henstridge. In Season 1, Princess Eleanor was blackmailed by her bodyguard Jasper into a sexual relationship. And in season two of the show it is said that he actually loves her. Fans often reply to them as "Jaspenor" or "Jelenor"

Eleanor's nickname is "Lenni," which is believed to be given to her by her father. Her twin brother often uses "Len".


Eleanor is a willowy brunette who wears a lot of eyeliner and eye makeup (usually smudged due to her wild ways), short dresses and platform pumps. She resembles her mother Helena, is very thin and looks like a model.


Eleanor is described as a "wild party girl." Before the series started her and Liam both used casual partying and drug use because they could, but after Robert's death, Jasper's blackmailing of her, and the downward spiral that followed, her partying and drugs became a clear addiction. Eleanor had a great relationship with her father, and was devastated by the attack on him. Eleanor rarely gets along with her mother, who sees Eleanor as a rival; Eleanor defies Queen Helena every chance she gets.

Eleanor has a tough shell, but is vulnerable and lonely beneath her mask. It's said that she was close to Robert, it's shown that Simon always believed in her potential, and Liam and she were always close, but with the former two dead and the latter more dedicated to following their father's example Eleanor is left alone.

She has a very hard time trusting anyone. Her biggest fear is that she will lose her twin brother, Liam just as she lost Robert and her father.

Season 1Edit

Photos Edit

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