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The Royals
Season 2, Episode 6
206 Liam and Eleanor
Episode Information
Air date 20 December 2015
Written by Johnny Richardson
Directed by Tara Nicole Weyr
Episode Guide
The Spirit That I Have Seen
Taint Not Thy Mind, nor Let Thy Soul Contrive Against Thy Mother

Doubt Truth to Be a Liar is the 6th episode of Season 2 on E! drama soap The Royals.

Synopsis Edit

The twins have a birthday party in the palace and things get out of control; Queen Helena and Prince Liam look to the past to get answers about the future.

Starring Edit

William Moseley as Prince Liam
Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
Jake Maskall as King Cyrus

Recurring cast Edit

Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
Victoria Ekanoye as Rachel
Manpreet Bachu as Ashok
Keeley Hazell as Violet
Rocky Marshall as James Hill
Genevieve Gaunt as Wilhelmina
Georgina Bevan as Dominique Stuart II

Guest stars Edit

Noah Huntley as Alistair Lacey
Leanne Joyce as Imogen
Ben Cura as Holden
Alex Felton as Ivan
Sarah Dumont as Mandy

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