Aye, There's The Rub is the 3rd episode of Season 3 on E! soap The Royals.

Starring Edit

William Moseley as Prince Liam
Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor
Jake Maskall as Cyrus Henstridge
Tom Austen as Jasper Frost
Max Brown as Crown Prince Robert
Genevieve Gaunt as Wilhelmina Moreno
and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena

Recurring cast

Rocky Marshall as James Hill
Jules Knight as Spencer Koenigsberg
Christina Wolfe as Kathryn Davis

Guest starring

Damian Hurley as Hansel von Liechtenstein, Crown Prince of Liechtenstein
Sarah Armstrong as Rosie
Wallis Day as Violet Double
Miley Locke as Sara Alice Hill
Sasha Jackson as Lana

Trivia Edit

  • Liam and Eleanor are the children of King Simon.
  • Eleanor and Jasper get back together
  • Willow has feelings for Liam
  • Kathryn moves on from Robert and decides to be with Liam
    • Parallels are drawn between Robert's handling of being King and Liam's, in relation to Kathryn
  • Robert returns